Your credit rating is a measure of your ability to repay your borrowed money to the lender. At Good Finance you are assigned a risk class from AC when your loan is published on the platform and becomes visible to our investor network.

How should you think and what can you do to improve your credit rating next year? We have listed some tips.  

Handle your payments 


It is very important to be careful with the company’s payments so that you do not receive payment notes. This is especially true of the tax as it can quickly lead to a payment complaint. Set up a structured system or manage the invoices so that nothing falls between the chairs.

If there are many invoices, this can easily happen, especially if they are both digital and paper invoices. If you have a payment problem – for a dialogue with your / your lender to find a solution together. Getting an installment plan is easier than you think. The worst thing you can do is just ignore paying.

Bill on time


Be sure to invoice on time to avoid problems with your own cash liquidity. In connection with the delivery, you should create and date the invoice.

You may want to consider if you know that the invoice will be sent at a later date. However, the invoice should be sent as soon as possible, it is better if you have the money in your company account so that you can, for example, pay your invoices.

Build a long-term strategy and what goals you have

Build a long-term strategy and what goals you have

How did you work this year and will you work the same next year. What revenue and expenses did the company have and do you have new revenue or expenses next year.

Avoid seeking credit from several different lenders at the same time  
Every time you apply for a credit, a credit report is taken at your company. Several credit reports in a short time have a negative impact on the company’s credit rating.

Keep track of your personal finances
How you manage your personal finances also plays a role in your credit rating. private payment notes and debt balance at Kronofogden can affect you   credit rating negative.